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media terror

In an effort to sway public opinion on subjects ranging from music/movie choice, the innocence/guilt of a person on trial, all the way to how secure the country is, has the media become terrorists themselves?
Critical, opinionated, paparazzi-ish stories with little merit but lots of hype become acts of media terrorism. Where is the Clark Kent when we need him?

It seems the major networks have perfected the art of scaring the public into beliefs held by the barons of various networks. Even more frightening is where the barons get their opinions. Money talks, and the middle-lower class public has very little choice but to listen to the benefactors of the media outlets.

Orson Welles had the experience of media terrorism because of one Parson's dislike that snowballed because she had the ear of a giant in the industry. Similar, and more sinister events are taking place today.

The more people allow themselves to be terrorized by the newspersons, the more people lose their livelihood and, in some extreme cases, their lives (just remember the tragedy of the Princess) to the abyss of biased misinformation.
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