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Once Again

Crystalline strands of
delicate truths
lace the lines of
old, yellowed paper

The brittle pages of
war-time tales
soaked with ink and tears,
blood and sweat,
present history
in black and white

Here, the touches of time
that had their chance
to heal wounds of heroes
let light leave lines
faded, forgetting
important messages

The mute past pleads
for remembrance
but decaying tongues
without breath silence.

Those whose voice
is discovered in
the world of words
feel fictional.

Their experienced eyes
shut ages ago,
their layered lives
flattened onto films
too easily ruined.

Dark tombs
that preserve
for another life,
slow side-effects
of being brought
to light.

The ghosts grow
in the depths
as dust collects
on the lessons

The present
turns away,
blind, deaf, and dumb
to the voices
once heard.
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